The Silhouette Parlour

"Click on the silhouettes!"

"Come into my Parlour." Well, it's actually an 18th century silhouette of a silhouette artist in his silhouette shop, but you can come in anyway!

The Parlour is a virtual mirror of my own Silhouette Parlour in Reading, England. I've designed it as a walk-through tour of the history of silhouettes cutting, from European Origins in the eighteenth century until the present day. If you'd like to have your own Silhouette taken, the lady with the feathers will take you to the modern day parlour!

If you click on any of the little pictures hanging on the wall you will learn about a period in history, a particular place, or about some artist from the past. I've left it as a mystery tour for now.... just click on the one of the silhouettes and see where it takes you! Each one has a story to tell about the fascinating history of silhouettes, and about the many interesting characters who have worked in this genre.

(PS. If you'd rather read the history in chronolgical order, use the book at the bottom of the page.)

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Please note The Silhouette Parlour is intended as an educational resource on the history of silhouettes. It is maintained by me with considerable love and attention, but without any funding or any hope of profit! It is the first website I designed, originally launched in 1997, so 2012 is it's 15th anniversary. That makes it quite an antique in internet terms!

Much of the research that went into this site was eventually realised in the recently published book "Mastering Silhouettes". If you would like to encourage the continued development of this site do please make a donation of any amount at all via your Paypal account. Thank you!

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